Characterisation of the mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit and fruit pulp of some indigenous mango varieties of Murshidabad district of West Bengal

Characterisation of the mango


India has one of the richest collections of mango (Mangifera indica L.) cultivars in the world. Mango is grown in all the states of the country. Different mango varieties have unique taste, flavour, texture and size. Characterization and documentation of indigenous mango varieties is important for identifying potential candidates for improved utilization of the genetic resource. Murshidabad, district of West Bengal, the land of the Nawabs, is famous for its traditional mango varieties. Even after massive genetic erosion there still exists a rich collection of indigenous mango varieties in this district. This paper is on the characterisation of the mango fruit and fruit pulp using DUS Testing based on PPV & FRA, 2008 among some indigenous mango varieties of Murshidabad district of West Bengal.

Keywords: Mango fruit, pulp analysis, DUS testing, PPV & FRA, 2008, Murshidabad


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